Initial In-Office Nutrition Consultation (60 min): During this one hour initial visit we will discuss your current habits, lifestyle, sleep patterns, exercise regimen and goals for the future. We will review your medical history as well as go over the questionnaire and 3 day food diary. We will then devise a plan that is suitable for you and your personal goals.

Follow-up Nutrition Visits (30min): These half-hour sessions are designed to monitor your progress.  We will discuss any struggles and/or successes you are having and make the proper adjustments to plan, if need be.

Packages (discounts apply)

  • Wellness Package (initial consult plus five, 30min follow-up visits): If you already know you are committed to reaching your goal no matter what, this is the package for you.
  • Support Package (five, 30min follow-up visits): For those who have had the initial consult and now know they are seriously committed to making a change to their health. This package is designed to help you stay focused on your goals with the support and motivation you need.

School Presentations (20min presentation with a 10min activity):  These fun and interactive presentations are geared toward elementary-aged students.  Topics consist of overall healthy eating, healthy breakfast, healthy snacking and much more!  If you are a parent or school administrator and you would like to bring nutrition education into the classroom this could be for you!  Please contact me for more information.

Supermarket Tours (~60min): During this tour you will learn how to read food labels; become more aware of advertising; identify surprising sources of sugar; make smart and healthy choices for you and your family and much more! This is a time for you to ask any questions you have about grocery shopping. Make this sometimes tedious task fun, fast and enjoyable.

Pantry Makeover (~60min): Together we will go through your cupboards and refrigerator and I will recommend what items should be discarded and what items to buy in order to have a variety of healthy options available for you and your family. I will leave a grocery list with you at the end, so you can go out and buy what is needed. This process is a very helpful in meeting your health goals. If the unhealthy foods are not in your home you cannot eat them as easily.

Optimal Health Program: This is a specific, structured overall wellness program that is clinically formulated to help people safely and quickly lose weight. The innovative products and program empower and equip you to create optimal health in your own life. This comprehensive offering can help you safely and effectively reach and maintain a healthy weight and adopt habits for a lifetime of health. If interested your first step would be to complete the wellbeing assessment at and email me the results. Contact me for additional information.

Walk and Talk*: This is a follow-up session as stated above, but during this 30min visit we will be walking as we discuss your progress. I have decided to add this as an option to my practice because patients always say there is not enough time in the day to exercise. Well, if you have carved out enough time to see me because you are serious about getting healthy; why not get in some exercise at the same time!

* Make sure you specify when scheduling that your follow-up is a “Walk and Talk” session. I only schedule 2 per day. After the session I will email you goals just as if we had the session in the office. Sessions only take place from April 15 – October 15.

Home and phone consults/follow ups are available for those who cannot get to my office or with limited time. Please contact me to schedule your appointment.

Initial Consult Form

Please fill out this form for your initial consult.

Food Diary Instructions

Be sure to read these food diary instructions first.  Once done going through it, you may use the food diary form.

Food Diary

Use this form to keep a food diary.

Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

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