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A pediatric & adult nutritionist, food allergy expert, cookbook author

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Along with being a mom of two children with multiple food allergies, Elizabeth is also a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN).  Currently, Elizabeth owns a private practice, Eating Healthy 4 Life, LLC, in Westchester, NY, where she sees patients (adults and children) with and without food allergies.  Elizabeth received her Bachelor’s Degree in Business from Binghamton University and her Master’s Degree in Nutrition and Physiology from Columbia University. 

As an allergy parent herself, Elizabeth realizes how overwhelming it is to feed your child safely, especially when you are trying to prepare nutritious foods.  You can never drop the ball or that could mean serious consequences for the most important people in your life — your children.

“My daughter was diagnosed with multiple food allergies at one year old, and our life has revolved around keeping her safe and healthy ever since.  As a parent of two children with multiple food allergies, I know how overwhelming it can be to not only keep your child safe, but also navigate life with food allergies.  I have dedicated my career to helping families living with food allergies.  This is my passion and I live this life daily.  I want to help parents take back control from food allergies and help their children live a healthy, safe and fulfilling life.”

Adult Wellness & Habit Change
Pediatric Nutrition & Food Allergies

My Services Include...

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1:1 Nutrition Consultation

Let’s review and discuss your current habits in regards to nutrition, sleep, exercise and stress management and what your goals are for the future.

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Nutrition Follow-up Visit

We will discuss any struggles and successes you are having and make the proper adjustments to plan as well as add on additional weekly goals.

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Wellness & Habit Change Package

If you are already committed to making a significant change to your health, this package is designed for you.

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Pediatric Food Allergy Consultation

Devise a plan to decrease your family’s fear of food allergies, help you feed your child nutritiously and safely, and bring normalcy back into your life.

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Follow-up Visits for Food Allergies

We will discuss how your child is responding to their new food options and make changes, as needed.  We will start to incorporate more variety to their meals and snacks and continue to add beneficial nutrients into their diet. 

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Food Allergy Seminars for Caregivers

We will set up a seminar via zoom or in person for the educators or family of those living with food allergies, so they can better understand a food allergy diagnosis and what actions to take as caregivers.

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