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Let's Talk Food Allergies

As a Mom of two children with multiple food allergies, I know the fear and anxiety that comes along with constantly worrying about your child’s safety every time they eat. After navigating the food allergy world for over a decade, I have learned so much and am able to keep my kids safe with much less fear. Plus, now I can enjoy being a Mom more, which is the best part!

  • Is your head spinning with how you can feed your child nutritious and safe meals?
  • Are you wondering how you will be able to go on vacation and keep everyone safe and still have fun?
  • Is the thought of social gatherings, such as birthday parties, holidays, playdates keeping you up at night?
  • Are you debating whether to homeschool your child because your school is not allergy-friendly?
  • Are you thinking how in the world will my child be safe in the care of others with their allergens all around?
  • Do you feel that nobody really understands your situation?
children enjoying allergy free food

If you said yes to any or ALL of the above, you are not alone. All of these questions and more were racing through my head when we were first diagnosed. I felt very alone during this time and realized that not many people understood food allergies, especially since my daughter had so many.

I was in denial for about a year after my daughter’s initial diagnosis. I thought there must be a mistake, and once we retested in a year everything would be back to normal. Of course, I was wrong. The opposite happened. Things got worse before they got better. After the second set of labs came back, I stood in my kitchen on the phone with the allergist in disbelief of what I was hearing. Once I got myself together, I knew something had to change. I couldn’t put our lives on pause any longer. We had to figure out how to live our best lives with food allergies and that is just what we did.

Now my daughter is 12yrs old and our outlook is a lot brighter. She still has multiple food allergies, but I have so many strategies that not only get us through the days, but let us enjoy every moment together, and at times actually see a bright side to food allergies.  What?  Did I just say a bright side to food allergies?  Yes!  If you look close enough there are positives to this diagnosis and if you haven’t seen any yet, let’s talk!

Let me help you reduce your fear and anxiety when it comes to food allergies. It is time to take control back and not let food allergies define your child or dictate your life in a negative way. 

What does a food allergy consultation look like?

Together we will:

  • Devise a plan to decrease your family’s fear of food allergies and bring normalcy back into your life, specifically relating to vacationing, socializing, school-life and holidays.
  • Discuss your child’s specific food allergies and how to incorporate the needed nutrients into their diet that they may be lacking while keeping their likes and dislikes in mind.  Picky eaters welcome!  Recipe Ebook included!
  • Discuss the latest food allergy research in order for you to have a meaningful and informative conversation with your allergist.
  • Answer any and all questions you have about food allergies.

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