ham and cheese wrap lunch for kids

Ham and Cheese Wrap

  • Applegate ham and cheese in a wrap of choice (We like Angelique Bakehouse wraps)
  • Watermelon
  • Cut up plum
  • Annie’s fruit snacks (I usually don’t put in a treat because they like their treat when they get home, but this day must have been special;))


  • Grapes (cut in half lengthwise if for a young child)
  • Popcorn (not suitable for children under 6)

Both of these snack options are choking hazards for younger children.  I actually have stopped packing popcorn because I heard teachers would rather not have this as a snack in the classroom and as for the grapes, I always cut them in half even for my 10yr old!  I took this picture prior to grape cutting;).  Also, you can see an appetizer fork in there for the fruit.  Just another fun accompaniment for the lunch.  Kids love miniature everything!


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