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Category: Healthy School Lunches

mini tortillas

Mini Tortilla Wraps

Mini tortilla wraps are super cute, and you can put basically anything in the wrap that your child likes.  Making them bite-sized is more appealing

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sunbutter sandwich lunch

Sunbutter Sandwich

For the children who are allergic to nut butters and for the families who are trying to pack their children’s lunch, while thinking of those

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Turkey Meatloaf lunch for kids

Turkey Meatloaf

What’s for dinner?  And lunch?  Turkey meatloaf!  Leftovers are so easy to pack up for your child’s lunch.  You spend so much time making a

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quinoa school lunch


Tricolored quinoa (leftovers from the night before makes it much easier) Watermelon Kidney beans Sharp cheddar slices Snack Pretzels Fresh mango

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