Chocolate easter bunny and candy and flowers

Happy Easter!

Easter is right around the corner and while everyone celebrates with Easter baskets and Easter eggs filled with candy, the parents of children with food allergies start their research once again.

If you look back at my Valentine’s Day post, you will see a list of companies that cater to the allergy community.  They have some great allergy-friendly candy options for Easter as well.  This year my children are 7 and 10 and I am filling their baskets with more small toys as compared to lots of candy.  Both will be receiving a “No Whey” chocolate bunny and my son asked for jellybeans, so I picked up the Starburst jellybeans and my daughter loves Sour Patch Kids.  Other than those edible treats, their baskets are filled with fun toys, such as:

  • Chalk
  • Paint
  • Pens
  • Easter crafts
  • Sketch paper
  • Small canvases
  • Shrinky dinks
  • Crafting tape
  • 5 Surprise Toys (they have mini foods and mini monster trucks)
  • Barbies (for my daughter); Target has Barbies on sale for $3!
  • Small Nerf Gun (for my son)
  • Smasher mini dinosaur eggs (for my son)

Some other items we have done in the past are:

  • Bubbles
  • Lip balm
  • Chapstick
  • Hatching Dino Eggs
  • Nail polish
  • Hair clips
  • Cute socks
  • Books
  • Legos
  • Stamps
  • Stickers
  • Gift cards
  • Even yoga mats!

They both got to choose one gift that is under $20 as well.  This way they will receive something they really want, candy and some other items that will keep them busy crafting and playing.  As far as the Easter egg hunt, we have at our home, I used to put little trinkets in each egg, but we ended up having way too much junk in the house that would get tossed.  This year, I will be filling the eggs with quarters, dollars and dark and milk Dove chocolates (we do not have a dairy allergy).  As my children get older, I know what they will really get excited about as compared to what I think is cute!

If you did want to give some more allergy-friendly edible treats, these options you can find in just about every store.

  • Annies Organic Bunny Fruit Snacks
  • Enjoy Life Candy Bars
  • Gimbal’s Jelly Beans
  • Jelly Belly Jellybeans
  • Mike and Ike Easter Treats
  • Pez Easter Bunny

I hope everyone has a very happy Easter and the Easter bunny hops on over and leaves some fun and safe treats for your littles.  Happy Easter everyone!

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